From Recommended literature to people to speak to, this is a place to learn and understand the emotions that take a toll in this line of work. We’re here to help you in the Fire & Police Stations all over the country.

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Call: (833) 698-7864

Need Someone To Talk To?

NEXT RUNG is here to support and impact the lives of firefighters and first responders. The mission is simple: ensure that there are excellent resources to help combat mental health issues and ensure our peers are taken care of.

You can contact them through the Peer Support Help Line:
(Text SUPPORT To (833) 698-7864)

There’s also resources for Professional Counseling
(Text COUNSELING To (833) 698-7864)

The Resources for Professional Treatment Against Addiction
(Text TREATMENT To (833) 698-7864)

It’s our mission to ensure you can get the help you need

It’s not just you; everyone goes through difficult times in life. We’re here to be a resource and a light in the dark times.

Attention Retired Officers

COPLINE always needs more retired officers to take calls. The training is free. The application and other info can be found at

For more information on volunteering for COPLINE, please feel free to contact Stephanie Samuels at or (732) 577-8300 x8

Suicide Prevention Help

Support & Treatment Resources and Links