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We specialize in psychological services for Firefighters.

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We specialize in employee support and family services for Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Public Safety personnel, Military personnel and their families.

We provide professional, responsible and compassionate care for those who give so much to the communities they serve.

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Dr. Gallivan is a Licensed Police and Public Safety Psychologist in the State of California. She has been licensed since 2002, and Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology since 2011.

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Public safety employees make many personal sacrifices to serve the community and our country. Our staff is dedicated to provide the support they deserve to cope with the psychological trauma & stress that they sustain from their service.

Your Peers Are Here To Help

Peer Support members are co-workers who are trained by a licensed psychologist to help provide private and confidential (AB-1117) emotional support, psychoeducation, and appropriate referrals. Peer Support is an intervention that relies on shared experiences and trust to provide support and identify a potential high-risk situation before a crisis event occurs.

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