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The supportive environment created by a Peer Support Team is highly beneficial to both employers and employees. Learn more about how you can help your peers below.

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Peer Support Team Training

Public safety employees work in unpredictable, high-stress environments that can take an overwhelming mental and emotional toll. Stress can cause health problems, substance abuse, and mental illness.
Peer Support members are co-workers who are trained by a licensed psychologist to help provide private and confidential emotional support, psychoeducation, and appropriate referrals. Peer Support is an intervention that relies on shared experiences and trust to provide support and identify a potential high-risk situation before a crisis event occurs.
If you are interested in creating a Peer Support Team for your department, please contact our office. Three-Day Basic Peer Support Trainings are offered throughout the year as well as a 2-day advanced peer support training.

Regional Peer Support

In 2017, Dr. Gallivan developed what is known as the Southern California Regional Peer Support Team. Peer Support Team Leaders from each department were brought together to form a Regional Team to provide emotional mutual aid and support to each other. Other psychologists, chaplains, and therapists were invited to join, and the Regional Team has grown into a strong resource for many public safety agencies. Learn more below about the Regional Team, on their website.

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